Declaration of Support for Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

Declaration of Support for Ukraine Against Russian Aggression

Aticket stand with Ukraine

We, the undersigned, representing the collective voice of, hereby declare our unwavering support for the people of Ukraine in their courageous efforts to defend their sovereignty and independence against Russian aggression.

At, we firmly believe in the principles of peace, justice, and the right of nations to determine their own destinies free from external interference. The current crisis in Ukraine is a stark violation of these principles, and we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they face the challenges posed by Russian aggression.

We condemn any form of aggression that threatens the stability and peace of the region, and we express our deep concern for the well-being of the Ukrainian citizens affected by the conflict. It is our sincere hope that a peaceful resolution can be achieved through diplomatic means, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

As a platform committed to fostering positive connections and experiences, reaffirms its commitment to promoting unity, understanding, and solidarity among nations. We encourage our community and stakeholders to join us in supporting the people of Ukraine during these challenging times.

In the face of adversity, we believe in the strength of international collaboration and the power of collective action. Let us all work towards a future where peace, justice, and respect for national sovereignty prevail.


The team